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lol shut up kate

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and i'll take my clothes off and it will be shameless, cos everyone knows that's how you get famous

first impressions.

think back to the very first time that you met me-- what kind of person did you think i was? did you think i was a slob or some super studious student? did you think i was a kind & gentle person or a total douchebag? tell me here openly and honestly, please. stolen from aquila.
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why did you sing with me at all?

Describe what sort of person I am, from your perspective? My strengths or flaws, overall personality, etc. Be honest. I am opening anonymous posting for those who are not confident enough to sign, but it's not an excuse to abuse it to be an asshole. Alternatively, tell me how you feel about me, etc. If you have an issue or a question that you want my opinion on but don't want to sign your name to, that's fine. But please don't just say "LOL GET OFF LJ!" without at least telling me why I should at this time. I won't be angry or cry at all for you being brutally honest to me; I'd love to have your opinion. All comments are screened and ip logging is off. ❤

In other news, I just burnt myself making pasta. ;A;
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your black designer dress looks better underneath our feet

Title: Downfalls
Fandom: Durarara!!
Pairing: Heiwajimacest; Shizaya; IzaNamie
Rating: PG-13
Note: For moirae, because she basically inspired the OT4. ♥ ALSO BECAUSE SHE IS WONDERFUL IN GENERAL, BUT WHATEVER

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I am not a pretty girl.

Things that make Katie rage, part 100000: This fuckery.

First of all, what the hell did any of these random people ever do to you? I'm so sorry you were offended by their looks (Which aren't even that fucking bad! And even if they were, you'd still have no right) so badly that you HAD to make a megabitchy Tumblr about it. Maybe you can lock yourself in a secluded room somewhere so that you don't have to burn your retinas by looking upon us common folk.

Second, you talk like a ten-year-old trying to be badass.

Third of all, what the actual fuck do you think gives you the right to tell people to kill themselves? Oh, right, because they're just pixels on the internet, not real people, right? Um. Yeah, tell that to Megan Meier. Tell it to Alexis Pilkington. These people are not just .JPG images on a screen. They actually, strange as it might seem to you, have feelings.

Honestly? I have nothing else to say about this, not articulately anyway. I'm too busy literally shaking with rage to make a lot of sense right now.

Now excuse me, I have to go sharpen my axes. You guys can bring the pitchforks.
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you get what you give, i give goodbye.

Man, I really need to get a fic journal for this account or something. SORRY, F-LIST, FOR FORCING YOU TO KNOW THAT THIS EXISTS o////o

Title: Use Me Up
Fandom: Kindgom Hearts
Pairing: Larxene/Axel (with some implied Axel/Roxas because ANGST, DELICIOUS ANGST)
Rating: M for... uh, how do the movie ratings put it? Language and sexual content.
Note: This ship needs more love. Seriously. ;_; Also, I am probably writing it completely wrong but (a) this is the first time I've written fic for them and (b) I haven't written in a while, so I'm a bit rusty.

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